Friday, November 5, 2010

Boys and Crocs at Cahills Crossing, NT (10 August, 2010)

Cahills Crossing is a causeway across the East Alligator River, and the way into Arnhem Land, from Kakadu National Park. The river is tidal up to the crossing and freshwater on the other side. At high tide Crocodiles mill around, waiting to cross over to the opposite side they are on. When we went to see the crossing, there were approximately 30-35 crocs, most of them huge and few younger ones. People were standing on the rocks and fishing while the crocs were cruising around, fishing was certainly not on our agenda that day!

There was a queue of vehicles on both sides of the crossing, waiting for an opportunity to cross the river; many of the 4 wheel drives which had raised suspension were able to push through the water with ease. Next thing we know, an older model sedan was coming over from Arnhem Land, it stopped about 3/4 of the way across and two young men got out! Gasps of horror filled the air! A partly submerged tree branch had blocked the way of the car, so, of course it had to be removed. Don't worry about the crocs, the driver of the car was the look-out. Don't worry the submerged crocs might jump out and grab someone!!
After much struggling, and many raised and excited voices, the log was freed. The car was moved to shallower water, the doors opened, water rushed out. Everyone on the viewing platform and rocks gave a huge cheer, along with wolf whistles and claps, we were rewarded with two beautiful bright white smiles and a bow before the young men jumped into the car and drove off.  To view more photos, just click on the Cahills Crossing album Link below.

Boys at Cahill Crossing
 Album: Cahills Crossing

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