Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ubirr Rock Art, Kakadu NP, NT (12 August, 2010)

Our visit to see the rock art at Ubirr was one of the many wonderful highlights of the days we spent in Kakadu National Park.  The day was not too hot which was good because there was a fair bit of walking and rock clambering to do to see the various places where the drawings were.  I have only included a few of the many photos that we took, there are SO many paintings to see.  Why not do yourselves a favour and come out to visit them one day. 
Some of the paintings look very fresh and they are. Over the years many of the drawings have been painted over by people, long gone from this world; in fact the actual indigenous clan who were the owners of the land around Ubirr, no longer exist. To ensure the spirits are kept happy, some of the paintings have been refreshed by a member of a clan from a neighbouring tribe.  Thirty to Forty years ago this person was given permission by his elders to refresh the paintings.  Only the very important drawings have been given a 'new' coat of paint, in the traditional way of course. It is not hard at all to see the faint outlines, colours and shapes of other drawings underneath the more vibrant top paintings.  
Ubirr Photos

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