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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strawberry head !!!!!!

I thought all you Sydneysiders could do with a bit of chuckle, what will all the rain you have been getting these past few days; I hear Noah might be in town soon, as well.  How is the Dam going?  I hope the rain is falling in the catchment area.

Bucko and I took a wee trip the other day, and stopped off at THE BIG STRAWBERRY on the way back, bought an ice-cream then took of again.  Before we left the BS, I asked Paul to take a picture (with my phone), of me with my head poking out of the small strawberry.  Well, see the results for yourselves.   I cracked up when I saw the pic, it looks like I have monstor ears!  We figured out the 'ears' are a couple of big seeds from the BS.  Anyway, we thought it a bit of fun. 

Till next  posting, look after yourselves and I hope the rain clears up soon.   


Sonia said...

you doofus...this is a crack up photo....

Paula said...

Hehe, it did give me a giggle! Where's Noddy? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pic aunty you put a smile on my face for the first time this week

Anonymous said...

wish I was with you. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty did you get really sun burnt hahahaha great phot I hope you trip is going well xoxoxoxo Franz

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