Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its Raining, Its Thunder & Lightening ....of course, The Rainmakers are in town

We have been in Tocumwal for two nights, and lo and behold, we had rain today. I am sure you will not be surprised; we are The Rainmakers after all! Oh boy, it didn't just rain, there was LOUD bright lightening flashing and crashing overhead, and I mean overhead. The wee cabin we are in shook. I jumped with fright and was on the verge of a scream, scared the heck out of me. I am so glad we have a dry, non rockable roof over our heads. It was in Tocumwal we had 'The Incident' with the caravan awning. See the post in Back Along The Track of ‘Oops, Slight Incident’ in November 2009, we bought the rain then as well.

Bucko had to go to the Dentist today, he had lost a filling when we were in Strahan, and he now has a glorious stainless steel cap on the tooth. I suppose he will set off the Security alarms at airports now. The Dentist was very good, and recommended the SS cap, much less expensive than a porcelain, gold lined cap.  The tooth is at the back, so no-one can see it anyway.

While Paul was in the Dentist, I was in seeing a Doctor. I have a few spots of eczema on me, which needed treating, anyway, I should be ok in few days. Monday, I am booked in to have a Blood test, for my sugar levels and my annual Cancer test. Please wish me well. I feel great, so all should be ok.


Sonia said...

goodluck for Monday,....all will be well.

Kestrel said...

Are you guys sure you're not in Sydney? I'm thinking of packing the boat in the driveway and waiting to be floated off the trailer!
Good luck for Monday.
PS Got your email ... looking at solutions.

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