Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Bendigo

Bucko and I are in Bendigo, VIC.  We were not going to visit this town, but, after talking to Ted Riddle we changed our minds.  Ted mentioned Bendigo “has lots of wonderful architecture”, so we instantly decided to make Bendigo our first port of call from Echuca.  We had intended to go direct to Ballarat, then The Great Ocean Road, however, we can visit them later.
Are we glad we came to this gorgeous town. 
IMG_2612Most of the wonderful buildings in Bendigo were designed by the team of Wilhelm C. Vahland and Robert Getzschmann.  For those who like detail click on these URLs:
Left - The Capitol Theatre, previously the Masonic Temple, designed by Wilhelm C. Vahland.

One of the most stunning buildings in Bendigo is the Sacred Heart Cathedral.  IMG_2705Built in two stages, the first, comprising the nave and side aisles, was opened in September 1901. I know no what a Nave is, I always thought it was the bit at the front of the church!  (Not having been bought up in a conventional religion, our church, the Open Brethren,  does not have a nave).  In 1954 the second stage commenced, with craftsmen bought in from Italy, and was finally completed, to the original design, in 1977.  At first I told Paul, “I always feel funny taking photos of a church”, however, once we had spent nearly an hour in the wonderful building, I changed my mind.  My camera was soon working overtime, taking photos of the cathedral.                              Right – The Nave.

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