Thursday, January 7, 2010

Timber Water Conduit

Near Wayatinah (half way between Hobart and Strahan) is an old timber pipeline made out of Baltic pine; imported from Canada many years ago (sometime in the 1930s), to send water down the line from the Wayatinah Hydro Power station to the next electric generating station.  The pipeline is still in use, and is a fantastic sight to behold.  The manager of the caravan park at Wayatinah, gave us instructions on how to find the pipeline, so we took off in search of it.  Down a dusty road, which also led to another power station and a boat ramp, then along an even more remote road, then we came to a fork in the road.  Take a look at the wonderful lichen encrusted sign post, pretty cool I thought. Further along the track we had to leave our car outside a locked boom gate then walk along a wide track for about 5mins, around a bend and there was this stunning and beautiful old pipeline.  It is HUGE, as you can tell by the pic of Bucko standing next to it.  Huge steel bands hold the timber in place and all looks in very good condition, we only saw one steel strap which was loose in the area we looked at.
A bonus for us while we were walking to and from the pipeline was the wonderful heady fragrance of pine and eucalyptus; we were under the shade of these trees and stopped to breathe in the smell.  Bucko and I stood there for ages ‘living and breathing the fragrance, nothing out of a bottle or spray can will ever replicate or come close to this wonderful scent; we could feel it doing us good.  Spiritually and physically. 

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