Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day in Hobart

Christmas Day dawned bright and sunny in Hobart, but, I was feeling very much ‘under the weather’ and had been for the past 3 days, I had been coughing and choking with Bronchitis.  I was determined to be better so that I could have lunch with our friends Tony and Anne, after all that  was our main reason for coming to Hobart.  Bucko cooked a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, followed by a cup of tea.  About 30m mins after eating I felt decidedly ill, so off to the bathroom I went, that was a waste of time; but on the way back, lets just say my breakfast decided to return to the world, I never even made it to the van!!  I was still determined to be at the Christmas lunch, so, once I had recovered we took off.  I am pleased to say, I soon felt much better, glad I did too. 

Our lunch was green salad, fresh oysters, prawns, Tasmanian Smoked Salmon, mussels along with home cooked bread courtesy of Anne. Tony prepared the mussels Italian style and they were delicious.  IMG_0694
Anne and I left Bucko and Tony to catch up with each other while we chatted, and sipped cups IMG_0698of tea in the kitchen. 
A wonderful day, especially as Tony is not very well.
Good times spent with good Friends. 


Sonia said...

Looks like a wonderful day...

Anonymous said...

not a good start to the day but at least you came wright to have a good dwy with nice friends

Anonymous said...

Wonderful way to spend Christmas, glad you felt better and could enjoy the friendship xxx Hugs hope you are on the mend from your illness NOW xxx Lucy/Crazymumm xxx

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