Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cascade Brewery Tour - the best - how to run a tour

The tour of the Cascade Brewery that Bucko and I went on prior to the Cadbury tour, was so good, and an example of how to run a tour of a factory.

The brewery nestles at the foot of the Mount Wellington in Hobart and the building looks fantastic.  The cost of our tour include the opportunity to taste for free 3 refreshments of our choice, Beer, Cider or a soft drink, all made by Cascade in Hobart.  Our tour guide was very informative and had a great sense of humour, contrary to some tour guides who try to be funny, this young man actually was.  Our tour attire was glow in the dark yellow vests and safety glasses, once decked out off we went.  We heard about the beginnings of the brewery and how the land was obtained, originally there was a timber mill where the building is now. 
Also, up until 19yrs ago employees of the brewery were still stopping 4 times a day for a company supplied glass or more of ale, and then all back to work boys!!!  The photo is of the bell which would be rung to let the boys know 'beer is on' and 'beer is off, back to work'. When the free beer was stopped production slumped, it was put down to happy employees.  The company decide to reinstate free beer, but instead of on the job drinking, the lads are given a slab (case) of beer every fortnight.

All in all, Bucko and I really enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to anyone.


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Hi Bucko and Janet, this is Ros and Ken, we are trying to use yor Blog LOL.

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sounds like some were neil would like to work lol

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