Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cadbury Chocolate factory visit - NOT HAPPY JAN

Bucko and I had been advised by lots of folk to go out to the Cadbury Factory, as it was worth it, sorry to say it is a HUGE WOTAM = Waste Of Time And Money.  After traipsing half way across Hobart and paying $7.50 each to enter we were VERY dissapointed, and felt the entry fee and what we got for it is a huge rip-off.  We were met at the door with a lovely "Welcome" and asked to select 2 mini chocolate treats from a basket at the door.  Next we were told there are no actual tours of the factory but there was a video and we could lsiten to an employee explain details of chocolate making....so far so good.  So, we paid out monies, and in we went, also being given a samall box of 'Cadbury Favourites' on the way through.

What a let down, the video was not very informative and sped through the making of chocolate, then it was over. So we decided to join the crowd listening to a person in a white coat (not sure if he was a chemist or was dressed up to represent one), however, he appeared to be repeating what we had heard in the video.  Through another door we entered into an area designed to take more money of us poor folk. A Coffee shop, small ride for children and the Chocolate shop, which sell 2nds of Cadbury Chocolates.  That was it..... our total time in the place was about 20mins. That was it folks. $7.50 of nothing, the whole event was a huge WOTAM.  


Anonymous said...

sup peeps, man sure sounds like yous are haavin a awsum time. all that talk of booze n chocolate mmm...sorry i havn't been in touch, iv only just lurnt how to drive my laptop haaa...anywho,souns like you guys are realy making the most of your journy. i shall read on with great envy. hhmm? maybe i could do a journy of our jungle,my back yard haaa...luv youz...Ian xxx

Anonymous said...

well i sorry to say it but the one down in the south island new zealand was alot worse your tour sound alot better and cheaper

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