Monday, December 21, 2009

WOW, WOW and WOW - Tasman Island Cruise - Stunning

On Sunday night we set our alarm for a 5.30am get up, why would we do that you may ask???  Well, we were booked on a cruise around Tasman Island which leaves from Port Arthur at 10am.  Bucko and I decided to drive to the departure place instead of being driven there by the tour company's coach. The trip was lovely, the water in the rivers and bays were like mirrors, so calm with a gorgeous blue haze hovering above the waters. Paradise was around each corner, little villages, with all types of homes overlooking the stunning views - I was so envious. 
The small boats - with 3 x 300hp outboard motors - soon had us rushing over the ocean waves, small ones thank goodness.  Blackmores Ginger was distributed to all, along with elegant head to toe bright red weather proof gowns - for want of better description!  Bucko and I had our beanies and hoodies on under the designer gowns; at first we felt very comfortsable, but once we turned the corner and faced the Easternly winds the cold started to creep in.

Oh my how stunning and glorious were the sights we beheld.  At one section of the coastline I mentioned to Paul "this is like God's Cathedral"  I certainly felt like I was in 'His' presence. My camera was going overtime, as usual; but to tell the truth in the end I just gave up.  My wee pics would  not be able to do justice to the wonderful sights and I only wanted to soak it all up. Along the way we were so very fortunate to Dolphins, Fairy Penguins, 3 Albatross, various sized and coloured  (including Pink as well as the Lion Jelly Fish which is Cream/Orange) Jelly Fish and a magnificiant Sea Hawke as well as his nest which is 30yrs old.

Peter Raff and our Bro - John suggested we go look at Bruny Island and take the cruise. The cruise Bucko and I went on is actually 'run' by the same compnay - however, the Tasman Cruise is the 'Jewel in the Crown'; we will drive over to Bruny Island a crawl around the sights like the landlubbers we are, instead of cruising.

I have included to link to the cruise company site, why not check it out?

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Sounds fantastic!!! Merry Christmas to you & Paul...enjoy the day!

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