Friday, November 27, 2009

Update on van repairs - Ecucha

Hi All, thanks for all the kind and caring words, sent via email and the Blog , to both of us in relation to our recent mishap.  Caring words such as, Amateurs, Clots, Sounds hilarious, Bugger, Sounds like you are having fun, Ha, ha; just a few words that cut to the source of the problem!!! LOL (Laugh Out Loud to those who may wonder what LOL means). Bucko and I had a good laugh at ourselves.

Anyway, thought we would share with you a few pics of the shade annex we have rigged up; ANZAC ingenuity wins again! 
The assessor is unable to come and check the van until 8th Dec and we will be in Tasmania by we have arranged for our van to be inspected while we are in Melbourne.  We leave Echuca on Sunday and the Assessor will come out to the Big 4 Ashley Gardens in Braybrook, to take a look at the damage.  At present the crook wall has been pushed back into place and HEAPS of silicone has been used to make the van watertight.  We have had more rain while in Echuca and so far all is ok, no leaks.  Wonderful place, the park is right on the River Murray, hordes of screeching, chattering Corellas nest in the trees in the park, and of course they are nestng right above our van!!!  Being in a shady spot is not all too good sometimes, as least we are not under any River Red Gums so we don't need to look out for Drop Bears.  Took a drive through the bush near the camp the other day and the Red Gums are so HUGE and very old, a few branches had fallen across the road and they looked freshly fallen.... leaves still green and timber looked ok.  One can never tell when a drop bear may decide to fall....  Bye for now and take care of yoursleves.


Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Yep!!! gotta watch those darn Drop Bears.. heeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Good to see that the bushie in you has come out to help make repairs on your van... Stay Safe and good travels to Tassie (awesome little state) :):):)

Sonia said...

Glad to hear your on the move again...
travel safe.

Selma-Janet & Bucko said...

Hi Lucy & Sonia, thanks for the comments. Will keep you across what happens. Arohanui = Big love

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