Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slight incident --- oops

Well, we tell everyone we are the Rainmakers, and we truly are, everywhere we go it rains. This time, if fair poured down, and we awoke this morning to the van making rather LOUD grinding sounds as I walked around. I may be a tad on the heavy side, but I’m not that heavy. Bucko could hear the noise even with his hearing aids out! I mentioned I heard the same noise in the night when I got up, but I just thought it was the caravan legs sinking into the plastic feet due to the soggy grass. Neither of us could think what the noise could be. Anyway, I opened the curtains, Bucko looked outside then exclaimed “Geez” and leapt out of bed, opened the door and what should we see but the awning hanging down, halfway past the door! The awning was full of water, we forgot to put up the rafters the night before, so the rain would not pool on the awning! So, we rushed out and started to push the awning up to remove the water. CREAK, GROAN, CRASH then a huge WATERFALL. The awning tore away from the side of the van taking part of the van with it!!!! So, what does this mean? Well, we went in to Echuca today to see a Repairer, rang the NRMA & we will find out more on Tuesday, looks like SERIOUS repairs are in order. No broken bones only injured pride! We will keep you informed. Wish us luck.


Paula said...

Oh no! Glad to hear you are both ok...hope the repair bill doesn't do too much damage. ;) xx

Kestrel said...

Bugger! Hopefully you won't be off the track for too long.

peter said...

bummer! hope all is fixed quickly
Great gig at the war vets on Sun- bloody hot and I got dehydrated but the music swung!

Danny Boy said...

Wow!! Glad you two are OK. I hope the repairs don't hit you too heavy in the wallet.

Good Luck

Sonia said...

So have you been repaired yet....worried not getting email replies.

F & Y said...

Bad luck chums

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