Thursday, December 10, 2009

Incarcerated in Melbourne and 'Poor Ned'

While in Melbourne, we took off into the city to do the proverbial sightseeing.  First stop was the gaol, which is right smack bang in the city.  A truly incrediible experience, we felt so sad after reading notes on the evidence which supported the decisoon of death by hanging.  Death masks of many of the people who had been executed at the gaol are also on display, including - 'Poor Ned' - Ned Kelly.  The gallows are still there with a very secure drop door and a long rope, no knot in it , than goodness.  Justice was so hit and miss in the old days; one person was pardoned in 2008 due to DNA tests being done on some of the old evidence.  Reading some of the information which influenced final judgements, I bet there were many others who were innocent.  I am sure curcumstancial evidence and hearsay did it in for lots of these poor folk.  All so very chilling. 

Bucko with his criminal background - (his ancestror along with a twin, were sent to this wonderful land, in the early days of transportation of the poor and misfortunates from England); decided to have his picture taken. What about it?  I thought I better get in on the act as well!

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F & Y said...

Always knew you two were criminals. They got you at last!. BUT You both have the same number - only one meal per number. To bad you need to share the meal. Your gonna get skinny this way. Why don't you take a number each.

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