Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kyogle, NSW (27 September - 7 October 2009)

We arrived in Kyogle and booked into the only caravan park in town, it is down near the river and the rail line is close by; each morning a train whistle would toot, followed by the slow rumble and screech of wheels on the track! I would wake up, check the time & go back to sleep, just as well I like trains! After setting up we drove up the hill to the town for groceries. Tom & Annie Rogers, (Tom is a friend of Paul’s from long ago Telstra days, in fact PMG days!) rang later in the afternoon to let us know they had returned from their weekend in Noosa. Dinner for most of the nights we were in Kyogle was with Tom & Annie. Alisha, Tom and Annie’s youngest daughter had recently become engaged, so she, along with Ed her fiancĂ©e and his parents, who were visiting from England were also in Kyogle. Plenty of talking, laughing and of course, Annie & I HAD to watch The Rafters on Tuesday night to see what was happening with the family!! Once the house was returned to only Tom & Annie & they returned to work we cooked dinner for them some nights; all great fun.

Kyogle became the base for mini trips to the surrounding area, including a day trip to Byron, we did not like the town, felt it is too commercial. The Lighthouse was a different story, stunning; we even saw a few Whales in the distance.

Paul’s sister – Wendy lives near Lismore with her two daughters, so as Alieta works in Bangalow we decided to meet the girls at a restaurant near Allie’s work. It was terrific seeing them again and catching up on all that is happening, Britney is in her 2nd last year of High School so is thinking about what she would like to do when she leaves school. I always enjoy being around Wendy, such a sunny person, makes me feel good.

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