Saturday, October 24, 2009

Narrabeen (25 August - 16 September, 2009)

We stayed at the park in Narrabeen while finishing of the painting of our unit in preparation for renting it out.  Once all was done, the Property Manager from Doyle & Spillane came and took a few photos to set the advertisement up on the web.  In a matter of days we had a tenant, why wouldn’t we the place looks brand new.
John Geluk from (Grady’s Auto Electrics & Mechanical) came to the park and installed rear LED braking and tail lights to the trunk Bucko & Ian Salway (from Caravan Cover Up - Nowra) had welded to the back of the van, to hold the Oz-Tent and fishing lines.  John discovered the van’s wiring was not as robust as it should be to support the extra batteries and other electrical goodies we have had installed, so new cabling was hauled into the ducting in the van, by guess who?  Bucko and myself!  I now know how clean and streamlined the under carriage our van is, very tidy indeed. 

Andrew Cross (Cross Plumbing) replaced the old maroon coloured set of taps with as shiny chrome set, more in keeping with the sink.  It is now easier to fill the kettle as the new spout is higher.

I learnt a tip from one of the fellow campers – to save on using the gas from our van, and save money, fill the kettle/billy), with boiling water from the cook house.  I can hear some you folk saying, “Just like Janet, didn’t take her long to find a Nomad Trick!”

Our first Friday in the park, Joe & Shirley Lizzio along with Kathy & Geoff Hill came around for dinner and to check out the van.  Oh my, we all got told off for making too much noise!!!  At 10.30pm another camper knocked on our annexe walls and asked us to keep the noise down as it was after 10pm!!!  One could have heard a pin drop – for a few seconds at least.  I thought it about time to read the camp rules.  Sure enough, there were the words “all campers must be considerate of others, so no noise after 10pm”.  First lesson learnt, Chris & Tanya Grieg had warned us “everyone is in bed by 9:30”, they sure are, and the grounds are so quite; me being a night owl, keeps on reading though. 

My Nephew, Rob and his wife, Bella and their two gorgeous children, Zethan and Eden came over for a BBQ lunch the first weekend we were at the park.  Zethan had been told all about Aunty Janet and Uncle Bucko’s trip around Australia in a caravan and was looking forward to checking the place out.  Eden was happy chasing the ducks!  My cousin, Glenda arrived at the tail end of Rob & Bella’s visit, carrying the most wonderful looking cup-cakes, they looked far too good to eat, but we did.

My birthday (14th) took place while we were at Narrabeen, so to celebrate we went for a meal on Saturday night to one of our favourite restaurants - Kaiser Stuben at Terry Hills.  Our friend Amanda celebrated with us -  and was so kind to shout us the meal.  It was Amanda who introduced us to the restaurant and we never go there without her now.  Good company and fantastic food.  Amanda and I also like to ‘eye’ the young waiters in lederhosen!!! 

The Young Bucks – Ben, Josh, Kellie and Ben’s fiancée, Rosemary, paid us a visit on Father’s Day and rustled up a scrummy BBQ, I can certainly vouch for Ben’s cooking, top notch, he cooks a mean barbie.

As Ben and Rosemary had recently decided to get married, there was talk of the upcoming engagement party – 18th October.  Bucko & I will fly down for the party, and we are looking forward to celebrating the event with family & friends. 

Little did we all know we were actually going to be attending a wedding instead of an engagement!!  More on the wonderful surprise in a later posting. 
Congratulations to the newly wed couple. Thanks for a fantastic day, Ben and Rosemary.


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bout time keep me updated please.

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Loved that you were told to hush it up at 10.30..... such is a campers life Hugs Lucy AKA:Crazymumm (from FOREVER Retreat) xxx travel safe, I've bookmarked your blog

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