Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eumundi, QLD (7th - 22nd October, 2009) and Ben's Wedding

The trip to stay with Linda (Paul’s sister & her husband Dave), took us longer the normal as we called in to see a girl-friend of mine and her husband, John. Teresa & I used to flat together in Auckland, too many years ago now to count. When Teresa (and John) lived in Sydney I saw them a lot, however, over the years we lost touch with each other and it is only in the past 8yrs we have been in touch again. I always enjoy seeing Treeza, as she is such a kind, thoughtful and loving friend, one could not find one better. I only wish I could live closer to Treeza (too hot up in QLD for me though ), as I know we would have such good times together, with lots of laughter as we used to have in Auckland. Treeza and John met us at the Eumundi markets the following Saturday, first time visit for them, then it was back to the van to check it out and for a cuppa.

While at Linda’s we flew down to Sydney to the wedding of Ben & Rosemary at Balmoral Breach.

As mentioned before this was surprise wedding, only Josh, Ben’s brother knew, he had to he had the rings! It was such a wonderful surprise to all and the day will be one to remember for a long time.

Kellie looked so gorgeous, and what a surprise she had, ‘Groomy’ along with Josh, for her brother Ben, at his wedding!!!

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