Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brisbane - QLD (22 - 30 October, 2009)

So, where have we been since last we updated the Blog....where to start?

The main reason for us coming to Brisbane was to see my Niece Catherine and her children James-Louis 25yrs and Eliana-Rose 18yrs; and to meet up with my work cronies form The Big T (Telstra).  Eliana turned 18 while I was in Brisbane and we had a quite family celebration at home, I presented her with the Scrapbook I had been making her for the past 6yrs.  I felt so proud to be able to give the book to my beautiful girl in person, and I know Eliana will treasure the book.  I included a couple of short stories and photos of my parents – her Great-Grandparents as well as photos of her Maternal Great-grandparents, so she could in some small way know what type of people they were.  I had a wonderful time just catching up with my Darling Niece Catherine – who has been the apple of my eye since she was born; and generally spending good family time together.

I met up with my Buddies from Telstra at the Casino for a buffet lunch, they have not changed, still as mad and crazy as ever, but gee I really like them.  Hey B.B., what did we tell you, we are the Rainmakers, and it fair p....d that night, thunder and lightning we bought it all with us! 

Bucko and I took a ride on the commuter Jet-Cat up and down the Brisbane River, the city is so vibrant and seems to be going palaces, and Sydney is left for dead in comparison, re commuter and transport highway networks. Everywhere we went in QLD there were major road works taking place; just wish the Federal Government would throw a few dollars NSW way!

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All sounds fantastic Janet! Certainly thinking of you...xx

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