Friday, October 23, 2009

Travelling Companions - Klarry & Martina

Bucko and I have two travelling companions; we came across them while at Narrabeen.

Klarry, the Koala
Martina, the Gay Ram

Shirley and Kathy presented us with these two companions; they couldn’t find a Sheep for me (Kiwi Joke), hence the Ram.  I instantly named ‘her’ Martina, after Martina Navratilova, tied yellow bows on her horns, placed an iridescent butterfly necklace around her neck, along with a pink gauze ribbon.  Doesn’t she look sweet?  Klarry’s Akubra has been adorned with a couple of pins – from Uluru & Tamworth. 

Look out for the adventures of Klarry & Martina future postings.

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