Friday, October 23, 2009

Shoal Bay at Port Stephens (16 - 22 Sept 2009)

The day we left Narrabeen for Shoal Bay was rather windy, all good practice for Bucko in learning how to manage the van during strong winds.  We arrived at the caravan park in the afternoon and set up camp within an hour.  Although we had decided to stay in the bay for about a week, we decided not to set up the annexe, as the winds were too strong.   The main reason for going to Shoal Bay was to visit Donald – Paul’s Step-dad, his Aunty Betty & Uncle Bruce and to scoot down to Stockton Beach to see John & BA Macpherson – Bucko’s Bro and Sister-in-law.

I had to sneak in a photo of one of the many beautiful Gymea Lillies which grow everywhere around Port Stephens - they are so impressive and simply stunning!
My cousin Yvonne, her husband Fernando and their eldest daughter, Glenda came to stay the night in one of the cabins at the caravan park.  It was great to catch up on all the happenings in Cuzzy Wuzzy’s family.  There was plenty of laughter, as per usual when my Cuzzy is around; dinner was a pizza from the local Italian restaurant, washed down with a few glasses of good wine....not as good as the wine Joe & Bucko make though!
The following morning I am pleased to say Bucko and I finally achieved a gaol we had set for ourselves many years ago, to climb Tomaree Headland.  Cuz Yvonne & Fernando joined us on the walk; we took our time, as oldies do, and made it to the top.  Dr Pete, you will be pleased to know we were not at all puffed out, so we must be fitter than all of us think! 
                               The views are spectacular.  

While at Shoal Bay, we had a modification made to the awning.  Two rafters (no girls, not the hunks from Packed to the Rafters) to slightly raise and slope the awning, for when it rains, were installed onsite, by a local tradesman from Bella Canvas. I was trying to talk Bucko into having two smaller screened windows sown into the side annex wall.  My thoughts are, the windows will give us more light and help to keep the heat out of the annex on those extra hot days.  Oh, well, it was not too be, we will wait and see, maybe we will have them put in somewhere along the track???

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