Saturday, July 18, 2009

Connecting the new Trunk for our OzTent

This weekend, we are down in Nowra, where we store our van. Bucko and Ian Salway, (from Caravan CoverUp), are welding additional struts to the back of the van, for the new trunk which will house our Oz Tent. The trunk will be welded and bolted to the new struts, which connect back under and onto, the chassis of the van Once in Sydney, we will most likely have additional rear brake lights etc added to the trunk; the existing lights will not be obscured, but we feel extra lights may be of benefit. Bucko has just shown me the 'Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle' stickers which will also be added to the back of the caravan, these are the same stickers one sees on trucks. As our rig will be rather long in total length, we need to have these Do Not Overtake stickers to indemnify us, if people overtake us when we are turning and cause an accident.

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