Friday, June 26, 2009

The Adventures of The CANZAUS Kids - Google Maps

Hey Folks, I have been playing around with Google Earth, so you can follow us on 'The Track'.

This is a test to see if all works out OK. I have mapped out the path of Our Morning Walk to the beach at Dee Why.
  • The link (included in the title of this post) will take you to a page in Google Maps named: The Adventures of the CANZAUS Kids
  • Select: Our Morning Walk to Dee Why Beach.
Feel free to move around the other links I have set up, including the one for where our van is stored. I will be using mini pics of our van to 'mark the spot' during our travel, so why not familirise yourselves with what to look for.

Please let me know if all looks OK. If you wish to provide any constructive feedback, please do so; after all, you will be the ones using our Blog, so why provide input.

Thanks heaps.

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