Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dingo bites Croc. Jabiru, NT

Ah ha, I bet that got your attention!

One evening I mentioned to Paul that I had not seen the Dingo that strolled through the park each evening, I was feeling deprived! Anyway, we decided to cook our steaks that night on one of the BBQs, a bit of a walk across the park, from our caravan.  While standing around the BBQ and chatting to a fellow camper, we noticed a very healthy looking Dingo amble past us.  I thought I would try communicating with the animal and let out a Dingo like howl. Well, that stopped the dog right in its tracks, it turned round and looked at me for a while, then carried on it's way. 

Later that night, I was sitting at the PC, Bucko was in bed asleep, the outer door of the van  was open, with the screen door closed.  I heard noises outside the door, so opened it up and looked out.  Did I get a fright, a Dingo was moving very calmly away from the door, he was in no hurry, obviously not afraid of humans.  My heart was going pitter, patter, then it went into overdrive, I heard a growl and looked to the left of the open door and there was another Dingo there!!....... I tell you, I closed that door quick smart, my heart was racing,  and my hands were shaking.

When I told Bucko in the morning, he said to "Maybe the dingo was coming looking for his Bitch!!!! and the howl I had let out the night before must have got the dog excited" - ha, ha,  Bucko. 
Later that morning, Bucko noticed teeth marks in his Crocs, obviously the shoe was not to the Dingos liking, so he dropped it, hence the title of this posting - Dingo bites Croc.

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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Dropping by to say Happy New Year!!! to Bucko & You travel safe and I hope your picked a great place to bring in 2011 xxx

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