Friday, October 8, 2010

Road back to Alice - The Undie Tree (19 June, 2010)

The return trip to Alice Springs is backtracking via the only bitumen road (Luritja & Lasseter) into and out of the area.  There is talk of sealing the (4WD only track) of the Ernest Giles road (see map), to cut down the time taken to get from Alice to Kings Creek, then onto Yulara.  Talk is talk, and it has been happening for years, so who know when the bitumen road will actually exist.  The only safe road for tourists to travel (unless they have a very good off road car and or caravan), is the long way round!

Red Centre Way_Small MapAt the junction of Lasseter Highway and Luritja Road there is a tree,Red Centre Way Junction_Undie Tree not any ordinary old tree, and UNDIE TREE.  On the way to Yulara we saw the tree and I said "I want to add a pair of knickers to the tree on our return trip". So, Mags and I did. I had a special pair of Bonds - Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon undies to add, Mags had a skin coloured pair of Bonds undies.  Sarah O'Hare/Murdoch would have been proud of us, I am sure.


F & Y said...

I will take a special pair of 'BOMBAY BLOOMERS' for when we pass by the undie tree.
I have seen many thong trees (Shoes that is) but have never seen an undie tree

Selma Janet said...

Hee, hee. Yes, Cuzzy you will see lots of funky trees in the Territory,including Bottle trees.

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