Friday, October 8, 2010

Alice Springs Desert Park, NT (22 June, 2010)

Alice Springs Desert Park is set out in sections to display the plants, earth and fauna of the different types of land in Central Australia. 
The walk around the park is an easy one, with free audio commentary, which explains the different eco systems. An active display of wild native birds, was a highlight of our visit to the park; it was terrific being able to see up close, many of the birds that we have seen during our travels. As  the birds move SO fast, Mags and I were unable to get any photos except for an Owl, however, I hope you enjoy the pictures of flowers, goannas and birds from the park.


Friends said...

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the Desert Park! Some lovely photographs too.
Gary Fry
Director, Alice Springs Desert Park

Selma Janet said...

Hello Gary,
Thank you very much for the positive feedback on my posting.

I tell everyone about the Park, it is a true gem of the desert ragion.

Congratulations to all the people who make the place so beautiful to see.

Kind regards Selma McGoram

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