Friday, October 8, 2010

Palm Valley, NT (24 June, 2010)

If any of you have the chance to visit Central Australia, do yourself a big favour and take a trip out to Palm Valley. The valley is a place that time has forgotten, a magnificent piece of God’s handiwork on display. Due to the recent rain in Alice Springs the Finke River had plenty of water in it, and the road to the valley had been closed for a few days. I am glad we were not in our 4WD, I would have been so scared having to cross the rivers, and then trying to make our way up onto the slippery banks. On my last trip, the tour only went as far as walking alongside the river bed and then returning. There is now a ridge top walk, which the three of us did, an easy walk with a few stairs to ease the way now and again. I am glad we decided to start the walk at the beginning of the valley, because, at the other end there is a very steep set of stairs, which we would have had to have climbed if we commenced the walk from there! It was so much easier for us ‘oldies’ to climb down them! The views across to the other side of the ridge and down to the river were spectacular, especially being able to see the Livingstonia Palms from above. These palms are the same type around in the days of the Dinosaurs. By the end of the walk, I was starting to lag a bit, and Mags was also struggling as her bad foot was giving her heaps. By the time we reached the shelter we were well and truly ready for our lunch.

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F & Y said...

we all need to do these things as early as we can into our older years. We need to get around these places NOW as our walker and wheel chairs will not be able to take us to places like this.. Take advise everyone. Do not say I wish, just DO IT.before it is too late

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