Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mags n Me

My sister Mags is 8mths younger than me, and our Mum used to dress us in similar clothes when we were young, often the only difference being the colour of the clothing.  The time we spent together in Alice Springs was terrific, after many years of being apart, we soon got into our own way of communicating again.  The same things would make us laugh and many times one of us would make a comment, which the other would interpret with our own understanding and a grin would appear on our faces.  In keeping with how our Mum dressed us in similar clothes, Mags and I had our picture taken by Bucko. Here is is. Thanks for such a great holiday Mags.  Love you heaps.

Selma Janet and Mags - The Purple Twins

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F & Y said...

I still remember those beautiful velvet dresses from Smith and Caughies Auckland and I was shopping with you and wondered why I had to have home made pretties and not shop bought pretties.

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