Sunday, March 7, 2010

More problems with the van!!!

As you will be aware, we had a slight incident with our van when we were last in Victoria.  The van has now been repaired, but, not after a few teething problems. ie annexe was too long for the new awning, the window in the bedroom that leaked, was not repaired and when it was, it still leaked  (and it STILL LEAKS – Not happy Jan!).  After returning from our fleeting visit to Sydney, we sat in Echuca for another week, while all the outstanding repairs were completed.  The annexe ended up having to be shortened, to fit the new awning, glad to say it looks ok.  When in Echuca the rain came down, fair bucketed down in fact, – not surprised are you?  First rain Echuca has had for absolutely months. The awning leaked along where it is connected to the van, and the seam line on the awning overhang.  At least the leak for the connection to the van is now ok, after another repair.  However, we are really not happy at all about the bedroom window still leaking, especially with all the rain we are having in Bendigo.  We have booked the van in to be repaired (no, not the Echuca repairer), for Wednesday, and at this stage it looks like 2 windows will be resealed.  The leaking bedroom window, as well as the recently discovered, leaking kitchen window.

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Sonia said...

Hope it's all fixed soon, and I am sorry to hear you were hijacked.....hope all is going to start turning good for you.


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