Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christies Car Museum – Tocumwal

So far during our trip we have visited three car museums, Forbes, NSW (already mentioned in an earlier posting), Tocumwal, NSW and Launceston, TAS.  I suppose you could say we have a fascination with old cars.
The museum at Tocumwal is a bit of an eclectic mix, all owned by George Christie, a man who just loves cars, trucks, old farm equipment, old caravans and many other collectable items.  George, who until a few years ago lived in Maryville, is a person who loves to have a chat, and is he such an interesting man to talk and listen too.  Bucko and I chatted to him for ages about his collection, and life in general; we enjoyed our time with George very much. 
IMG_0691Ian (Salway)on the left is a photo of the truck George drove until he retired, isn’t it fabulous? IMG_0708
Outside the museum, in the yard is an old ‘chuck’ wagon made out of galvanised iron and wooden wheels.  The wagon was used in the old days of cattle droving.  The oven is an cast iron fuel stove and it sits at the front of the wagon, a rough bench runs across the far wall and the Cook’s bed is at the end, at least he had a warm place to sleep on cold nights! Unfortunately, my camera battery had run out, so I was unable to take any photos of the wonderful old chuck wagon. 
I had to include the photo of the wonderful old cane dolls pram, I wish it was mine; I can see my old Pedigree dolls sitting in it!
How about Bucko with his Idols?  Yeah, we know they are only cut outs, but, what the heck?IMG_0776

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