Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi. oi. oi.

Just a wee posting today, to 'Fly the Flag' - our van on Australia Day.   IMG_1044
Bucko tied the flag to the broom handle, and it flies very well; it should do the wind is a frequent visitor to Stanley, in fact to all of the North part of Tasmania.  Of course, we are in the area commonly called "The Roaring Forties"  Our Australia Day started with the traditional Aussie Day brekky. Low cholesterol, fat free of course!  Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and tea. Myself, being of Scottish descent had to have Black Pudding! Yum!Yum!  The remainder of the day was spent taking it easy around the camp ground. 
We decided to stay in Stanley for another night, so we are off to La Trobe tomorrow, which is near to Devonport, in fact it is only 7mins from the Spirit of Tasmania terminal. 
Today we had a Tasmanian Scallop Pie, at The Stranded Whale cafe, delicious pie and a fresh salad, which was not the usual limp Iceberg lettuce and sloppy tomato.  Then a stroll past some of the gorgeous old 1800s cottages in Stanley, until we arrived at the hand sawn timber cottage, where one of Australia's early Prime Ministers (from 1932 - 1939) - Joe Lyons - was born.
Mr Lyons actually lived in the house for a few years, then moved in with an Aunt who lived in a cottage around the corner.  Joe Lyons was the Premier of Tasmania from 1923 - 1928.  Sir Joseph Aloysius Lyons, (once he was Knighted) and his wife, Enid had 12 children, one of whom died young.  The Lyons and their family lived most of their lives in Devonport.  Dame Enid, was born in 1897 near Smithton - 10 mins down the road from Stanley - and was the the first women to be elected to the House of Representatives and Australia's first women Cabinet Minister.  While we are in La Trobe we will also visit the house the Lyons lived in at Devonport, which is now owned by The National Trust.
Hope you all had a great Australia Day.

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