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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dish - Parkes, NSW ( on the way to Forbes, 9 November, 2009)

Parkes, some may know it as the Elvis Capital of Australia, but, Bucko and I think of it as home of ‘The Dish’ – the CSIRO Radio Telescope.  ‘The Dish’ was always on our list of places to stop and see on our ‘Trip around the Track’.  My camera was working over time; I was even able to record the famous speech and view of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the Moon.   Bucko and I both loved the place.


Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Now you have made me homesick.... xoxox Left my heart in this town xxx

Fernando & Yvonne said...

we are following you and wishing it was us.
F & Y

Fernando & Yvonne said...

clicking into your blog list takes for ages to view. In fact we have do not wait as it is tooooooooo long. Can you help out what we are doing to take soooooo long,
F & Y

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