Friday, November 20, 2009

Dining with Denno (and Lyn) at Dubbo - NSW (7 - 9 November, 2009)

Bucko and I were invited by Graham (Denno) and Lyn Dennison to camp at their beautiful property on the outskirts (about 6kms) of the city of Dubbo; which is midway between Brisbane and Melbourne on the Newell Highway, Mid West NSW.  Denno had to resort to rearranging the Flora, ever so slightly with a chain saw to get our van in the yard, then we had to drive through the bull pen to turn the van around so we could get out when we had to leave.  The view from the house is wonderful; overlooking a lovely valley and the smell and look of the gorgeous roses from the garden is a sight to behold and breathe.   The evening we arrived, Denno spoilt us with a fabulous meal.  An Entree of Spicy Asian Prawns, followed by a delicious Roast Beef dinner (hot off the hoof, so to speak, home grown beef), and Vanilla Ice-Cream and fresh Strawberries.  All the vegetables were fresh from their garden, and in the mornings the chooks presented us with fresh laid eggs, so bacon, tomatoes and eggs for brekkie.  YUM!!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Denno, Lyn and one of their daughters – Jenna, home on leave from attending Uni in Sydney.  We left Dubbo on Monday morning and Denno presented us with a Jap Pumpkin from the garden, as well as fresh eggs, and Silverbeet.  The pic above, is of 2 Melons and a Pumpkin, pick the Pumkpkin!      

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