Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Road to The Alice

We have been checking the route to Alice Springs. There are a couple of ways we could go; down via Mildura(Vic) then across to Port Augusta (SA) OR, across to Broken Hill (NSW), then down to Port Augusta (SA). The route via Broken Hill looks like the way we shall travel; especially as neither of us have been there. My sister, Mags, will hopefully meet us in Alice Springs, and spend 2-3 weeks with us traveling the roads around the Outback. I have been to The Alice (about 20yrs ago), and shall be the guide for Bucko & Mags. So many wonderful, breath-taking places to see, I can hardly wait. At this stage, if all goes well with my test results, we are planning on leaving around May; and shall wend our way to The Alice at a leisurely pace; stopping here and there, as our will takes us. Possible stop overs will be Port Stephens, to see Paul's Step-Dad, and John and his wife (BA), (Pauls) brother, at Stockton Beach; Dubbo, 2 lots of friends to visit there, Broken Hill, Port Augusta; and what ever place take our fancy in between these towns.

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