Friday, September 9, 2011

Back Home Again

Well, it has been along time between drinks - so to speak. Bucko and I arrived back in Sydney, around Easter, after spending 3 months in Adelaide. 

The reason we were in Adelaide so long, was to let my right leg heal from an accident I had in Esperance, WA.  I was walking down a gangplank from a boat to a jetty on Woddy Island. The sea was very rough that day, and suddenly the gangway started to rock, roll and buck around. Next thing I knew I was sliding through the side of the railings and the (by now), broken gangway came crashing down onto my leg. I was not able to walk, and the skipper of the boat came along with a wheel chair and pushed me up to the cafe on the island. To cut a long story short, the upshot was, I had no broken skin or bones, but, coming across the Nullabor, my leg started to turn black!! On arriving at Ceduna, we went straight to the hospital and had the leg looked at. Turns out, I had a touch of gangrene in my leg, and I woudl need to be VERY careful for the next few months to make sure the leg healed. So, we stayed in Adeliade, which was no problem for us, we love the place and would like to live there.

Anyway, this is just a short posting to say, I will be back to finish our Blog,  Too many tales an photos to share with all of you, not to finish the story of our wonderful trip Along The Wallaby track.

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DeniseinVA said...

Oh wow, this story gave me chills. I see it was written a couple of years ago but I wanted to say hi after your sweet comment on the Today's Flowers blog. Thank you so much! It is really lovely to meet you and I do so hope that you got over this dreadful accident quickly. However, it sounds like it might have been a long time to do that. I'll try and find an e-mail to write to you. Cheers! Denise :) x

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