Friday, October 8, 2010

Standley Chasm, NT (23 June 2010)

Standley Chasm is on the must see list of most tourists to Alice Springs.
The path into the chasm is very, very rocky, and one needs to be fairly agile, the creek bed is made up of large rocks and boulders, and it can be dangerous if one is not careful.  There is a warning sign at the start of the track, it says the walk it is 'easy but rocky'... Hmm..  think they need to revise that, the sign is misleading, and the path can be very difficult; we actually met up with an older women who was using her 3 pronged walking stick! I don't know how she did it, at least there was a person to help her along. Mags, Bucko & myself, took it slowly and stopped to admire the scenery on the way through, we were in no hurry as we had given ourselves plenty of time to reach the Chasm.   A group of high school students were on a mission, which I think may have been, to see how quickly they could get to the end of the track.  At noon the sun is overhead and shines down into the small chasm to light up the sheer high walls, and turn them the colour of  gold.  The walk was worth it. Take a look at some of the photos, and you will see plenty of people hanging around for the sun to arrive.  The show is over very quickly and the place cleared out in a matter of minutes.  At last we had the chasm to ourselves and so, enjoyed the cool shade and the peacefulness. Arriving back at the car we sat down for a much needed rest and ate our lunch in the shade of the trees.  Many travellers where having their lunch near us, and it  was not long before I was chatting to them; asking the Traveller Trifecta ''where are you from? where have you been?, where are you going?" - (I can hear you both cracking up from here, C&T, and yes, someone did ask us "is it worth it?").

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