Friday, October 8, 2010

Kata Tjuta, NT (14 and 15 June, 2010)

One of the must see sights in Central Australia are the HUGE domes like structures which make up Kata Tjuta. I so enjoyed my visit to them 30 years ago, of course the facilities for travellers is so much better than then, now there are safe walking paths, bathroom facilities, picnic areas, with gas free gas BBQs etc.

After doing the morning the Mala Walk, at Uluru, we drove out to see Kata Tjuta, a trip of approximately 45kms, with a number of viewing sites along the way. We decided to make our first stop the Kata Tjuta sunrise viewing platform. 

The flies were out in force, so Mags and I donned our glamorous headwear of black fly mesh.  Many comments were made by passers by on our walk to the platform, all along the lines of how they 'wish they had one of those, and to heck with how it looks'.  Mags ands I were not worried about how we looked, at least there were no flies on us!

One evening we went out to view the sunset at Kata Tjuta, nibblies and drinks in hand of course, this time we had to take our small camping seats with us, and as the viewing site was not near the car park, this was no effort. We settled in for the show, which is a second cousin to the display at Uluru, however, it is still impressive and we enjoyed it. 


F & Y said...

Too bad how you look with your fly nets at least the flies are not crawling into the side of your mouth and into your nostrils. YUUUUKKK
Do not know which is worse flies or mossies.
I love Australia. The only thing that I do not like is the flies and mozzies

Anonymous said...

Very styley, but who cares. There is nothing wrse than flies or mossies that won't leave you alone.
You are having the most intersting time. Will there be one square metre of Oz you haven't seen?

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