Monday, September 6, 2010

Up the middle, on the Stuart Highway - Woomera - SA (27 May 2010)

After our wonderful adventure in The Flinders Ranges, it was back down to Port Augusta for a couple more nights, to stock up on groceries and do the washing, before we set off up 'The Middle'.
We left Port Augusta on the 27th of May.  To begin with the weather was dull and grey, and we felt a tad sad to be leaving views of the Flinders Ranges behind us; about 15mins out of the town, the rain came bucketing down, all smack bang into our windscreen.  It was rather difficult to see at times, and we were just glad we did not meet up with any Road Trains going down to Port Augusta. The rains topped and then a very strong headwind took over!
Woomera, was a stop over on our way to Coober Pedy; Paul & I had wanted to stay here so we could look at the old rockets used on the Woomera Rocket Range.  The camp ground is vey small, with clean pre-fabricated ablution blocks.  The lady on reception was friendly and gave us a map to the town and the sites.  As soon as we had settled in, we did our usual and took off for a drive around town, this did not take very long! I could feel spirits of old about the place, and the town seems to have a sad are about it.  The supermarket was HUGE with very wide aisles between each section, a left over from the days when the town was full to capacity, with Defence Department personnel, who worked on the rocket range. The Defence Department still maintain a small presence in the town, which most likely keeps it going.  The rockets intrigued us, so here are a few pics to share with all those who are old enough to conjure up visions of rockets, when ever Woomera is mentioned!  Enjoy.
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Sonia said...

Great hearing about your travels

Selma Janet said...

Thanks Sonia, I really enjoy receiving feedback on the Big. Big Hugs Janet xxx

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