Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A meeting of Nomads - Alice Springs NT

Alice Springs was the meeting place of a few friends we had made along the track as well as some friends of ours from Nowra, NSW.

Ian and Shirley Salway (from Caravan CoverUp), along with Kerry and Coralie, had arranged to meet us in the Big 4 at the MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, after they came in from the Tanami Track; and we had returned from our trip out to Uluru.   I had rung Ian a few days beforehand to find out when they would be in town, Ian, as usual the joker, teased me with the comment of "we won't have time to stop off at Alice"  I was starting to take the bait, then quickly thought, no, they wouldn't not see us! By the time we returned to the park (from Uluru), they were settled in and had left a message at Reception, with details of which site to find them on; so, as they were out jaunting around we left a message to tell them we were in the park. It was not long after we had finished wetting up and there was a verbal 'knock, knock' outside our awning; Bucko and I raced out to be greeted with huge hugs and  smiles all round; it was SO good to see the 4 of them. 

Ian's working previous life was spent as a 'Truckie' so, and it took no arm twisting to get all of us to go along to see the National Transport Hall of Fame Museum, a Truckie's Heaven; this was also our only chance to sit in a huge Kenworth truck, and we loved the place. 

Evenings meals were spent with each other at the BBQ's with shared salads and many, many laughs.  Note the campground ambience in the photos - yellow lighting to prevent mozzies hanging around, and this type of lighting works.  We felt sad to say goodbye to our good friends, but, they were on their way back to Nowra, NSW, at lest we have good memories of our time in Alice. Thanks Ian, Shirley, Kerry & Coralie. Happy Trails to all of you.    

                              L-R around the table: Shirley, Ian, Mags, Selma-Janet, (in 2nd pic - Bucko) Kerry & Coralie       


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WOW that would have been wonderful to catch up in the middle like this xxx

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