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Peterborough SA - Steamtown Railway Museum - 10 May, 2010

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While in Burra, Bucko and I took a day trip to the town of Peterborough, (or Petersburg as it was known until 1918), the town was settled to service the agricultural and pastoral endeavours of the 1870s.  Once a centre of major railway workshops and where the three different railway gauges, (previously used in Australia), met; Peterborough is now known for a fantastic museum on trains Steamtown -  and this was the reason for our visit.

"The Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre is a museum focussing on transportation in a bygone era - particularly Peterborough's narrow gauge railway heritage.  What was once known as the Railway Workshops has now become known as the home of Steamtown situated at the western end of the Main Street. Steamtown's collection includes steam and diesel locomotives and numerous passenger carriages.  The depot turntable is the only three gauge example in the world. The Roundhouse is the last major example of its kind in South Australia.  Historic passenger carriages include fine examples of the cars used on the first transcontinental passenger train to cross the Nullarbor Plain in 1917.  Unique special purpose Vans dating back to the 1880s provide a rare glimpse of times past.  The collection of rare rolling stock includes a 1937 Morris 25 Motor Inspection Car (MIC). The car was converted to operate on narrow gauge track." Reference: Peterborough Tourism Inc

The attached photo album includes views of a First Class carriage with leadlight windows, a lounge and arm chairs upholstered in red leather, a piano and bar, for those with money, they certainly knew how to live in those days!  Also in the album you will find photos of a double-decked sheep/cattle carriage, along with the ramp up to the top deck.  Of particular interest to me was the old 1937 Morris 25, used as a Motor Inspection Car, my Dad had a Morris 14, and he drove us everywhere in it; so, this old Morris bought back lovely memories for me.

If you wish to find out more on Peterborough  and Steamtown, click on the links. I hope you enjoy this posting as much I have bringing it to you. 
View Steamtown - Railway Museum - Peterborough SA
Steamtown, Peterborough SA

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