Monday, July 12, 2010

Adelaide Hills etc (19 April – 1 June, 2010)

The next stage in our journey was Adelaide, and on our list of ‘Must See and Things To Do’ etc was:
Seppeltsfield Winery: First stop was a visit to Seppeltsfield for tastings of their wonderful fortified wines. The road into the winery is lined for My Muscatkilometres, with huge palms trees, all planted in the days of the depression, by members of Seppelts staff, to help keep them employed during the tough times. If you follow the link at the beginning of this section on Seppeltsfield, you will see a photograph of the avenue of palms. The Seppelt family no longer own the vineyard or winery, however, the present company keep the history of the place alive, with tours of the old house, and many photographs are hung on the walls. 
Guess what? One of the earlier Seppelt woman had a very unique name – Selma.  A Muscat is named after her, so OF COURSE, I had to buy a couple of bottles, I did taste it first to make sure I liked!  
 Henschke Winery  Paul had been to Henschke Winery many years ago so, we decided to make a visit; of course we only went there to  look at the place, and go out to the old church, how could any of you think otherwise! Naturally, we had our arms twisted to have a tasting, and of course we where bludgeoned into making a few purchases.SA_Gnadenberg Church (3)
The church linked to the Vineyards is a few kms from The Cellar Door, however, as I am interested in old country churches we went for drive to see it. WOW! The outside was very impressive and the trip from the Winery was worth it. I have given you a small taste of the wonderful church. You know the drill, if you would like further photographs of the church, go to Churches Along The Wallaby Track’ Blog.  
Hahndorf : One cannot go to Adelaide without taking the trip up to the Hills to the small German style village of Hahndorf, so, we did. Sorry, Dr Pete, we blew the cholesterol issues out the window that day! Pork Knuckle for me and Bucko had a wheel of German sausage, of course Sauerkraut was also on our places.  A walk around the village was definitely in order after that meal, but, did we enjoy ourselves. IMG_1470While wandering the tree lined streets, with footpaths covered in glorious Autumnal coloured leaves, we noticed signs advertising an Anzac Day Dawn Service, to be held in the village on the 25th.    Bucko and I always attend the Anzac Day Daybreak Service at the little Peace Park in Oxford Falls, so this year we observed the Dawn Service in Hahndorf.  After the service, (and as per our family tradition), we had a breakfast of Eggs Benedict and coffee; in one of only 2 places open in Hahndorf at 7.30am.  SA_Kersbrook Uniting Church C1853 (4)
As we had already been up to Hahndorf we decide to take different route back to the caravan park.  The Hills area of Adelaide is so very pretty, and at Kersbrook, I found an old country church, pictures of which will be posted to the ‘Churches Along The Wallaby Track’ Blog 

Lou n Me

Louise Nelson: last but certainly not least, time for me to catch with a very talented lady, Louise Nelson.  I first met Louise at a Scrapbooking retreat at Turramurra, run by Sonia Bowers of Forever Always. The style of Scrapbooking (SB) Louise does, can best be described as eclectic, and to a lot of us Scrapbookers simply stunning , which is too mild a word to describe Louise’s creations.  Why not take a look for yourselves, and click on the following link to Louise's creative art work. Louise and I spent a day doing the rounds of Scrapbooking shops and also had lunch together, a fun day.  I was also very spoilt as Louise gave me a 'Goodie Bag' with lots of wonderful scrapbooking bits and bobs. I am saving them to make a SB page of photos of Lou and myself. Thanks for a fantastic day, Lou.

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