Monday, March 22, 2010

Kangaroos in the park – Halls Gap, VIC

Halls Gap is a very small town nestled at the base of The Grampians in the Nth West of state of Victoria.  A town with a population of 600 and beds for 6,000. Backpacker Hostels, B&Bs, Motels, Lodges and Caravan Parks abound.  Along with the few essential commercial businesses ie General Store, Petrol Station, Camping goods store, Food shops, they line one side  of the main road in the village.  The opposite side of the road is the National Park of The Grampians.  The village is literally  at the base of the huge rock face, and many walking tracks lead off into the park from Halls Gap.

Bucko and I stayed at a caravan park about three minutes from the village, far enough from civilisation for Kangaroos to feel comfortable about coming into the park to graze, and to leave their calling cards!  Big Western Greys would be bounding around the place at dawn and dusk.  I awoke about 7am one morning, dressed in my warm ‘flanno’ shirt, tack pants, joggers and beanie and went out camera in hand to record a few pics of the ‘roos.  By the time I returned to the ‘van my hands, feet and nose felt like ice – no wonder, I had been outside for an hour! 

At first I was a fair distance from the Kangas.  I was peeking my head around a high timber paling fence, but, those critters still heard and saw me.  Standing on their hinds legs, heads turned, and eyes gazing directly at me, I just froze as I did not want them to take off.  After a while the ‘roos went back to grazing and ignored me, until I took a quick step towards them, the up they would stand and ster at me again.  Eventually, I was able to creep within approximately 20 metres of them. 

I have taken a few videos of 2-3 Kangaroos boxing (they looked very friendly to me), once I learn how to upload them to the Blog I will let you know, in the meantime time I hope you enjoy the photos.

To see the photos, please click on VEW FULL ALBUM.

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Pamela B said...

Hello Janet, We stayed in Halls Gap in the old school house just at the side of the camping ground about 18 months ago after do the Great Ocean Road drive. The kangaroos were right outside the door. A mother had a joey and was making it get out of the pouch and do a couple of laps around her before she would let it get back in. We did a few walks in the grampians and saw some spectacular waterfalls. We also an echidna in the wild very close to where we were staying. Heard this shuffle in the leaves at the side of the path and this very non-chalant echidna waddles its way along through the brush. Reading your blog brought back very good memories of it.

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