Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spirit of Tasmania

On the way to The Spirit of Tasmania (SOT), oops, we turned the wrong way on the road to the Port of Melbourne and ended up having to go through the city during PEAK hour.  Took us an hour to get to the wharf instead of 30mns!!!  We should listen to Karen - the voice of our GPS in future.  Anyway, that meant we did not have to queue up too long before driving on board .  At the van park in Braybrook we had met a couple (Ken and Ros) who live in Hobart, so once we had dumped our bags in the cabin we met up with them for dinner.  Bucko and I took a couple of sea-sick tablets and silly me forgot that I had,  an ordered a Bloody Mary as a pre-dinner drink.  Not being used to drinking I soon ended up feeling rather woozy and very wierd, the legs were wobbly, words were slurring and I was on my way to being a tad intoxicated.  LOL. After dinner, we sat around and chatted to Ken and Ros, but before too long I was seeing 2 of everthing and I am sure I had a silly vacant and glazed look on my face.  I took off to bed, slept like a top, only woke once and the ship was humming along very smoothly and quietly.  We arrived in Devonport around 5:30 am to a sunrise shepherds would not like. Karen had us going around in circles, before we gave up and found our own way.  The park is right on the coast, and we can see the Spirit leave each evening at 7pm. Must say, I kind of like the thought of going on a cruise some day, as long as don't take too many sea-sick tabs and mix my drinks!! 

Left: Our van on board the SOT;
we had to slip between the
van and the wall.

Right: Leaving the SOT

The Spirit of Tasmania

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