Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Subscribing to our Blog

I have been very busy this morning trying to sort out how to let all of those who are not very PC literate know how to subcribe to our Blog. It really is rather easy, I have copied this from Internet Explorers Help section..

To subscribe to a feed

1. Go to the webpage (Google as follows: onthewallaby track, blog ) that has the feed to which you want to subscribe.
2. Click the Feeds button to discover feeds on the webpage.
3. Click a feed (if more than one is available). If only one feed is available, you will go directly to that page.
4. Click the Subscribe to this Feed button , and then click Subscribe to this Feed.
5. Type a name for the feed and select the folder to create the feed in.
6. Click Subscribe.
7. To view your subscribed feeds, click the Favorites Center button , and then click Feeds.


When on the Blog page:

1. Under Subscribe To :
2. Click on the down arrow next to Posts :
3. Click on Atom and follow the prompts

By subscribing to a feed you will have automatic notice, (via Feed buttons), that the Blog has been updated.

Happy Subscribing Folks. :)

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