Monday, March 23, 2009

Cook an Egg in a bag

I found this recipe on the Caravvaners Forum. Bucko & I have tried it out and this is an easy & quick way for a Breakfast on the run, Just cook and drop it into a roll or Lebo bread. Delish.

Egg in a bag
A sandwich bag (resealable type) shapes the egg mix to the size of a piece of toast... but if you want the rolled up look, go for a bigger bag.

Have a pot of water on the go (with enough water in it for the bag to float freely), make sure the water has boiled before you start cooking (otherwise, the egg will cook VERY slowly)

Crack 2 eggs into a zip-lock bag.

Add some cheese and any other favourite omelette ingredients.


Tad of milk for fluffiness or even a titch of water.

Close the bag and "smoosh" the contents making sure they are all well mixed.

Squeeze all of the air out of the bag or it will float too high in the water.

Check the pot of water, once it's at a rolling boil, drop the bag into the water.

You may need to flip the bag over after a minute or three just to even out the cooking (a lid on the pot works too).

I have cooked a two egg baggie in 5 minutes before, but I like my eggs very soft and pliable.
Just keep an eye on it and you will quickly work out how long it takes to your liking.

When you open the bag, watch out for the steam. Then slide out the egg delight.

Tip for Caravanners: The beauty of this is that you can prepare the egg mix in the bag the night before. Makes a quick Get-away Brekky and no dishes to wash up!

Warning: the baggies will tend to expand a bit, but I have never seen one "pop" in the hundreds of times I have done this.

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